Neskeb Wires & Cables
Neskeb Wires & Cables
Neskeb Wires & Cables

2+1, 3+1, & 4+1 Core


0.60m Copper Core Shielded with Aluminum breading wire

Core / Power

0.20 Copper with PVC Insulated

Outer Insulation

Soft Grade White PVC Coating

CCTV cables are designed to optimize the quality of video signals. The dense tin coated copper screen ensures complete elimination of EMI/RFI from video signals and also provides reduced DC resistance ground path. The multi stranded construction offers better flexibility and reduced bending radius.
Standard Packing : Coils 100, 200, 500 and 1000m. (Also Available as per Customer Specification)

Neskeb - FR
Cable Type Cable Size (Sq. mm) Nominal Cable Diameter (mm) Power Core Colour
CCTV Cable 4+1 4C + 1C x 0.25 6.8 Red, Yellow, Black, Green
CCTV Cable 3+1 3C + 1C x 0.25 6.8 Red, Black, Green